Pioneering the Italian Energy Transition

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About us

We are Whysol Investments’ platform for the investment and management of renewable energy power plants.

In over 10 years of activity, we have developed and integrated 120 MW of renewable energy production assets, in addition to over 1500 MW of constructions soon to be started and authorizations under development.

Our goal is to play a leading role in energy transition in Italy, by aggregating small producers and developing new opportunities in wind, photovoltaic and electrochemical storage, with the objective of achieving business sustainability even without economic incentives.

We invest in the engineering design and construction of assets and infrastructure, as well as in the management and provision of services and solutions to support the operational activities of the plants, always with a long term perspective.

We belong to an investment holding company with a significant track record in the energy transition sector in Italy, with which we share synergies in terms of both managerial and development expertise as well as capital markets.



We pursue a buy-and-hold investment strategy, with a proactive, industrial approach in both investment selection and management, directly overseeing operational activities in the field and in every stage of investment.

We zealously seek quality and the optimisation of returns, with a careful assessment of risk, in order to protect our investors, as well as our staff and the communities in which we operate. The direct management of development activity has allowed us to solidify extensive skills in the evaluation of investment risk profiles, straight from the due diligence phase.

We develop authorisations in-house for the construction of new energy assets – with a development pipeline that currently exceeds 1500 MW between wind, photovoltaic and electrochemical storage – and we purchase existing plants or authorisations from third parties, financing, contracting and coordinating the creation of new assets.

We constantly strive to achieve the highest level of efficiency in each individual plant, in order to obtain continuous operational and capital structure improvements. For this we have developed a multi-parameter monitoring process that significantly increases operational efficiency and reduces management costs, without compromising the quality of the service.



We currently own 120 MW of wind farms and photovoltaic power plants located throughout Italy and are directly responsible for their management.

Additionally, our portfolio includes 60 MW of wind farms in the initial stages of construction and 1,450 MW of authorizations under development, including photovoltaic plants and storage systems.

In over 10 years of activity, our hands-on operation of plants with technology from various manufacturers has allowed us to develop solid know-how over a wide range of events and technical optimisation processes. Simultaneously, this has enabled us to also consolidate relationships with the ecosystem of services and capital goods suppliers and achieve constant operational improvements of our assets.

Moreover, in synergy with the holding company, and thanks to direct relationships with the leading national and international credit institutions, we directly monitor the relevant regulatory frameworks and define the best structured finance architecture.



Thanks to the experience and expertise of a specialised team with solid training acquired in the field, we are able to provide asset management and technical management services in all project phases (development, financing, construction, operation).

Luca Faedo

Head of Renewables

Joining Whysol in 2019, Luca Faedo is responsible for the renewable energy investment platform. An engineer, he started out in the telecommunications sector with Alcatel-Lucent, subsequently working in the Corporate Lending of Banca IMI and later in Alerion Clean Power. Here, with increasing roles, he first covered the position of CEO of the operating companies and then COO of the entire group, providing an essential contribution to the development of the business, transforming a start-up into a key player in the renewable energy sector.

Lamberto Custodi

Senior Project Manager

In Whysol since 2009, Lamberto Custodi collaborated in the acquisition and realisation of the wind projects of the portfolio, covering the role of Sole Director of the operating companies. Today he deals with the development, construction and management of plants for the production of electricity from renewable sources. Previously he gained over twenty years of experience in the coordination and management of numerous projects in the energy sector that are currently in operation.

Federico Colombo

Project Engineer

In Whysol since 2014, Federico Colombo is directly involved in the technical-operational management and in the technical evaluation process of new assets. After completing his master’s degree in energy engineering, he worked as an engineer in the renewable energy sector (wind and solar photovoltaic) for 6 years. Before joining Whysol he worked at Alstom Power (in a quality assurance role) and as a commercial engineer for a small company offering photovoltaic plant installation services.

Sara Moro

Project Engineer

Sara Moro joined Whysol in 2009 after graduating in engineering and completing her studies with the STOA European Parliament Project and Baltic Energy Forum. Over the past 10+ years, she has gained significant experience and increased her knowledge of renewable energy plants. She has been directly involved in all phases of Whysol’s plants, starting from the completion of the development phases, passing through the construction, up to the operational phase, with optimisations in Operations & Maintenance activities and in 360° asset management control.

Leopoldo Guanetti

Junior Project Engineer

Leopoldo Guanetti is a Junior Project Engineer at Whysol and part of the technical team that manages the development and operation of renewable assets. He joined Whysol in 2019 after completing his master’s degree in energy engineering at the university Politecnico di Milano. He passed the Italian state exam for engineering in the same year.

Martina Allievi

Junior Project Engineer

Martina Allievi joined Whysol in March 2020, while completing her master’s degree in Energy Engineering at the university Politecnico di Milano. As part of the technical team, Martina is directly involved in the operational management and optimization of both wind and solar photovoltaic power plants, as well as in the technical evaluation process of new assets.

Giacomo Cerretti

Junior Investment & Financial Manager

Joining Whysol in 2021, Giacomo Cerretti is mainly involved in the evaluation and structuring of new investments and in the administration, finance and control activities of the power plants in the portfolio. Previously he gained experience as a Senior Analyst in a corporate finance boutique, where he followed extraordinary finance (M&A, debt financing and debt restructuring) and temporary management operations. He graduated with honors in Corporate Finance from Bocconi University in Milan.


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